New moons and full moons are peaks in the intersecting cycles of the sun and moon. If they tend to bring anxiety, moodiness or any other discomforting emotional state, then simple entertainment or meditation is well advised. The dates of new and full moons are available on most ordinary calendars.

With a little concentration, their symbolisms can be applied to purposeful activity. New projects are best initiated two days after the news when the drive in energy is more focused. Conversely, unfinished business from the recent past is more easily brought to closure or culmination soon after the full moons. This lunation cycle takes lace on a monthly, or "moonly,” basis.

New moons and full moons are most potent when they occur in the form of solar and lunar eclipses. The ones which apply to the present and forthcoming times are listed below. Although their effects may last only a few days (at most, up to two weeks) before or after the actual dates, the issues which arise at these times can linger “in the air” until the next set of eclipses (approximately six months later).

Lunar Eclipse: December 31, 2009

Solar Eclipse: January 15, 2010

Lunar Eclipse: June 26, 2010

Solar Eclipse: July 11, 2010

Lunar Eclipse: December 21, 2010

Solar Eclipse: January 4, 2011

Solar Eclipse: June 1, 2011

Lunar Eclipse: June 15, 2011

Solar Eclipse: November 25, 2001

Lunar Eclipse:
December 10, 2011