meryl streepWe, mere mortals, live out our horoscopes in our daily lives and emotional dramas.  But those who have stolen fire from the gods, namely the artists of the world, get to live their charts through their works of art as well as in “real life.” 

For example, we see Georgia O’Keefe’s Scorpio Sun in the sensuality of her flower paintings.  We read in the novels of F. Scott Fitzgerald about the romantic love affairs which are evident in his own Libran nativity.

And for our current times, we see the Cancer Sun of Meryl Streep illustriously and intelligently performed in so many of her characters.  Keep in mind all the maternal symbolism of the Cancer Sun sign and think about the roles she is noted for:  a mother who must decide the fate of one child over another in “Sophie’s Choice;” a mother on trial for the mysterious death of her infant in “A Cry in the Dark;” a discontent mother who abandons her child in “Kramer vs. Kramer;” a devoted mother who will not leave her children to follow her soul mate in “Bridges of Madison County,” a mother dejected by her daughter until a fatal illness brings them together in “One True Thing;” and in an interesting reversal, playing the drug-addicted daughter living in the shadow of a controlling mother in “Postcards from the Edge.”  Variations on the Cancer theme take place in most of her roles, such “Out of Africa,” “The River,” “Falling in Love,” and on and on, even up to her most recent role in the “The Hours,” as a woman, living in the past, stopped in time, so to speak, at her one moment of happiness in youth.

It is also well-known that Ms. Streep identifies herself in real life, first and foremost, as a mother, fiercely protective of her family’s privacy.  For instance, in a recent interview, co-star Alison Janney described her as “being just a regular mom.  You’d never know she was Meryl Streep!”

So, astrologically speaking, what makes for so pronounced a maternal theme.  Surely, it must be more than just the Sun in the sign of Cancer.  Personally, I’m not one of those astrologers who thinks Cancer is the homebody of the zodiac.  More often than not, in fact, the Cancer personality, especially in a woman, is ambitious, driven and goal-oriented, albeit in the name of security and the preservation of the self a/k/a the family.

Let’s see what else indicates this theme in Ms. Streep’s horoscope.

First of all, her Cancer Sun is at the critical degree, right at the start of the sign.  This is also known as a degree of the World Axis.  It emphasizes the qualities of the sign and brings them to public light for all the world to see.  The Sun’s close conjunction to the planet, Uranus, might not dramatize the maternal qualities, but it certainly makes them more interesting, unique and charismatic, as Uranus’ influence is wont to do in a chart.  Since these are the rulers of the Ascendant and Descendant, her public image is very similar to her the personal experience of her.  In other words, what the audience sees about her is what her friends get too!

The sextile from her natal Sun to Saturn also emphasizes the ability to express her Cancer qualities in her work; even more so, Saturn’s placement in Virgo indicates her perfectionism, discipline and a love of details on her job.  Saturn in Virgo has a great determination to master a craft.

A more powerful aspect from her Sun, however, is a semi-square to the all important Moon in Taurus in the 10th house.  Why so omnipotent?  The Moon, of course, represents the astrological mother; and because it rules the sign of the Moonchild, the maternal qualities of Cancer have to answer to the placement of the Moon.  Furthermore, Taurus is called the Moon’s exaltation, meaning that the best of what the Moon has to offer is present, i.e. fertility, protection, nurturing, and endless possibilities in the seeds of creativity.  In short, she is Mother Earth!

Since the 10th house holds the Moon in Taurus, all of these heightened maternal instincts manifest in her profession, specifically in her professional reputation.

Also noteworthy is the sextile relationship between this Moon and the planet, Venus, which is situated in the sign of Cancer too, but in the 12th house.  In short, this offers her great comfort with the mother role (in real life as well as on the set).  She also values that role, will feel appreciated in it, and understands the worth of motherhood.  Additionally, these two planets are in “mutual reception,” meaning in each other’s signs.  This only heightens their harmony.

Since the 12th and 10th houses are involved in this sextile, she is able to connect her imagination with her career, and be handsomely paid for it too.  Venus is not only the personal worth placed on things, but also financial worth.

Ay, here’s the rub! Although the Virgo end of Saturn (as well as its rulership of the 6th house) makes for a true and diligent worker, its placement in the second house, and more so, its square to Mars, can be a problem having to do with money.  Having no knowledge of Ms. Streep’s personal financial situation (and she a rare celebrity who keeps her movie deals out of the trades), I suspect this problem with finances takes place about her films; namely, that her film work will be highly valued for artistic achievement, but at the expense of financial reward.   With Moon and Venus offering a good set of personal values, she might not complain about her salary, but she may be befuddled how the public is so willing to pay big bucks to see action-packed movies that numb the soul, but won’t pay the money to see something of integrity that enriches the soul.  “The challenge to personal and professional integrity” is a good interpretation of Saturn in the 2nd house in Virgo square to Mars in the 11th.

So does Mars offer anything worthwhile to Ms. Streep?  Indeed, its placement in Gemini, and more importantly, its conjunction with Mercury gives her an ear for accents as well as versatility in playing period pieces, intense dramas and contemporary comedies.  The prominence of Jupiter as the handle of her bucket formation also adds to that flair with foreign languages, which, in fact, was her original college major.

The emphasis of so many planets in the 4th quadrant of the horoscope, particularly the personal planets, and most particularly, the Sun as ruler of the chart, gives a destiny in the public eye, the “leadership” role as the “best actress of her generation,” and setting an example for a new generation of film actresses, perhaps a variation on the maternal again.

Our final indication of the connection between motherhood, Meryl Streep and her roles is the double-whammy position of the lunar nodes.  First, just because they belong to the Moon, they resonate the maternal theme, but they add the twist of fate, so to speak; she’s always in the right time and the right place to receive such roles and to combine her talents with those of other very talented actors, writers and directors.  Just think of the list of her collaborators!  Second, they reiterate her renown as the mother figure because they sit along the Midheaven/Nadir axis, which has to do one’s profession and reputation.  Again, there is the connection between work and motherhood.  (Advance students may see they aspects the Cardinal Points, which also add to her high profile as a great actress).

All of the above makes her the actress who sets the standard for all others to follow. Brava!