The best thing about Sarah Palin’s nomination for Vice President of the United States is Tina Fey’s impersonation of her on “Saturday Night Live.”  Only if you’ve been living under a rock could you have missed Ms. Fey’s two SNL skits on TV or UTube, and if that’s the case, I urge you to get on-line and take a look.  They will give you enough belly laughs to get through the rest of the political race.

palin feyGiven the uncanny resemblance between these two women as well as Ms. Fey’s instant ability to “get” Ms. Palin’s style so precisely, there must be some connection between their charts….and indeed, there is!

Tina Fey was born on May 18, 1970 in Upper Darby, PA.  Unfortunately, her birth time is unknown, so we can’t see the Ascendant, which is all-important for this kind of comedy.  Looking at her natal planets, though, we see her wit and miming abilities in her conjunction of Venus and Mars in Gemini.  Furthermore, their square to Pluto adds the bite to her humor.  The conjunction of Mercury with Saturn gives her impeccable timing and a deadpan style.  The ability to impersonate is also attributable to the opposition between her Sun and Neptune.

These are the very planets that connect “synastrically” with the chart of Sarah Palin, who is born on February 11, 1964, in Sandpoint, ID, at 4:40 P.M. P.S.T.

Ms. Fey’s Sun-Neptune opposition forms a very close square to Ms. Palin’s Sun-Mars-Saturn conjunction in Aquarius, explaining the creative tension between these two figures.  Even moreso, it is her Venus-Mars conjunction in Gemini along with her Jupiter in Libra that forms a Grand Trine with Ms. Palin’s Aquarius conjunction that explains the serendipity between the two women.  So, not only is there a likeness between them, but perhaps, both of them are benefiting from the likeness.  Yes, Democrats might say, “Thank goodness for Tina’s ability to reveal what a jackass Sarah really is!,” but there might be just as many Republicans who are chanting, “Go, Tina, get the word out there for drill, baby, drill!”

Additionally, Ms. Fey’s conjunction of Mercury and Saturn forms aspects to Ms. Palin’s Ascendant and Neptune, the combination of which, have so much to do with body language and image, personality and impression.

There is also a close conjunction between Ms. Fey’s South Node and Ms. Palin’s Uranus.  This might be the most astrologically “interesting” connection between the charts, given the ironic contrast in their political differences, social sensibilities and that their relationship is a television one.

At first sight of Tina as Sarah, did anyone not have that POW! that comes in a Uranus kind of moment?!

Uranus, of course, has so much to do with irony that we should not ignore Ms. Fey’s natal Uranus in opposition to Ms. Palin’s Venus at 1 degree of Aries.

And, besides the obvious Zeitgeist of the day, what astrological connection brings these two women “together” in the here now?  Progressed synastry reveals the “why now” about relationships.

Ms. Palin’s progressed MC is at 21 Gemini 35, conjoining Ms. Fey’s natal Mars in Gemini, i.e., Mars rules the face, Gemini is the impersonator. 

As for Ms. Palin’s sudden rise to prominence….anyone who thinks Neptune transits  always make for invisibility should think again!  This is an excellent example of the importance of natal potential in transit interpretation.  Because Ms. Palin has such a publicly-oriented natal horoscope, the power of Neptune has her surrendering to a cause, and in turn, it is bringing her high profile.

And as the saying goes, “Ubetcha!”